Jumbo Foundation Elephant Orphanage - Saving Elephant orphans

About Us

A registered non profit organisation, who care for large wild animals that are milk dependent until they are ready to be relased back into the wild

Our Objectives

Establish an elephant and other large animal wildlife orphanage for animals that are still milk dependant, rearing the animals in such a way to ensure that they are physically and physiologically able to be released back into the wild.

Establish strategic relationships with suitable wildlife Parks for the ultimate release of animals back into the wild.

Operate under the jurisdiction of the Malawi Department of National Parks and Wildlife.

Establish links with International charities, corporate sponsors, foundations and individuals in order to raise sufficient funds to operate the orphanage and ultimate release programme.

Operate a non- profit organization and, at the discretion of the directors donate any profits to anti poaching, wildlife or conservation projects, whilst ensuring the long term sustainability of the orphanage.

Join Us

Moses needs your help! Every dollar donated to Moses assists the chain reaction.... Help Moses grow .... Return him back to the wild .... Track him and his new herd for life .... stop him and his family from being killed ........ We hope not only to help rehabilitate orphaned babies but also be part of the solution to stop these senseless murders for Ivory.

Please note: Jumbo Foundation is promoting the saving of animals so therefore please feel free to use any of our information or images to help our cause.

Below is our video about elephants and Moses's story       Please note there are some disturbing images in the video

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