There are quite a few of us who work with Moses. Apart from the carers everyone one

else is doing this for free. Jenny is paying for the carers personally.

The staff

Jenny  Perepeczko has always loved animals and has rescued animals since she was a child - from domestic animals to wildlife, her house is never without  something be it an injured bird, baby buck, newborn monkey,genets, servile and civets.

Jenny does this in her spare time, ie she works from 7 to 5, pops home to check on the animals at lunchtime. Her evenings are spent looking after animals and when there are elephants she has an hour when she gets home to eat, shower and get into bed as they wants to go to bed a 6, and are up every two hours through the night for food. Then all weekends are dedicated to the care of animals.

Jenny has three children, Louise, Craig and Cheryl as well as a granddaughter Catherine. All of whom share her love of animals. 

 Louise and Catherine Hahn  Louise is Catherine's mother and in between work and being a mum helps out with Jumbo. She does a lot of the admin things and is "chief nurse" when "doctor  Jenny" is helping a sick or injured animal.

She had a wonderful teacher  in Jenny who is passing down the knowledge about animal care and in turn is passing it down to Catherine.

Catherines first word was not mum like most kids but rather kitty and then she learnt all the sounds animals make and finally said, mum.

Matimat Julius, Jim Tembo and Nyson are the  carers who take care of the animals during the day

Scientific Support 

Dr Ian Parsons  a wildlife vet with 22 years experience based in Zambia where he has his own practice Matambo Vet services advises on health issues and is available to travel to Malawi if required

Rachael Mouton runs the EOP elephant orphanage in Zambia and advises on husbandry issues and all aspects of running an orphanage

The Department of National Parks and Wildlife in Malawi monitor the project to ensure that we operate within the laws prescribed by the government


The Directors and Secretary

Jenny Perepeczko ( Director)is the Managing Director of the Malawi division of Food Products a multinational organisation involved in the production and distribution of dried food products throughout 26 countries in Africa.

Laurie Webb  (Director) is a director of Bio - Energy Resources Ltd a company that produces bio- fuels from Jatropha produced by smallholder farmers

Leon Swart ( Director)  is the owner and CEO of a number of inter-related businesses Central African Cattle - cattle ranch, Kapani enterprises involved in the production of processed meat products, deli products, a bakery and a wholesale dry goods operation, Foodworths - an upmarket supermarket

Louise Hahn (Secretary) is a pilot instructor who does licence renewal training though out Africa