Design of the barn

On the right is the design of the barn. It's walls will be brick and have a thatch roof, this is so it can be warm in winter and cool in summer.

It is a circular design, this is so each animal has a friend on either side and they can all see each other. All animals enter through the corridor, this is where the scale will be to weigh them daily.

All the divisions between the animals are gum poles so they can touch and talk to each other. The square area in the centre is for the carers to sleep.

The barn needs a kitchen and bathroom. We need a kitchen so we can mix milk, keep it cold in a fridge and heat it up in a microwave or a gas plate when the power is off. The shower in the bathroom is to ensure that the carers are always clean and hygienic around the animals but also these types are animals are not house trained so you can get pretty dirty.

As you can see there are also doors leading out of all the stalls, this is so that if there is a fire or an emergency all the animals can get out quickly.

All the floors are concrete leading into a drain in the centre, as we keep saying hygiene is so important

As you can see on the side view, we have allowed for ventilation in the barn as well as a cooling system for summer and there will be a shutter system for winter.

Funds for the barn

$ 150,000 is needed to build the barn - on the right is how much was have now. However this price would come down if people could donate the materials to help us. All barn donations will be anknowledged not only on the web but on a plaque in the barn.

We still need the following:

  • 600 bags of cement
  • 2 normal doors
  • 1 large barn door
  • Gum poles
  • Building sand and stone

We have now received the following pledges in kind:

  • Total materials and labour for the plumbing and electrical installation.
  • Total requirement for Thatch grass 
  • Total labour for building