We require a vast sum of money every month to look after the babies, however if we get enough people and support then it is not that much. If you think about it, this is 1250 people donating $10 each that would run us for a month. Put the $ 10 into context it is really not a lot of money to an individual - it is the cost of a meal for one, won't even buy a new pair of shoes.

If you would like to run a fund raising event for us - Moses would be so grateful. Please just let us know if you are doing an event, when it will be and what type, this is for three reasons. Firstly, so if any one contacts us to ask if we have endorsed the event we can confirm, secondly so we can thank-you properly and finally so we can send you any promotional materials that you may require.

How can you help?

Below are some of the things people have either done or promised to do:

Pledge a monthly amount by direct debit (this does not have to be huge a few people have pledged amounts ranging from $ 10 - $ 500 per month)

If you have a talent – donate that for example if you see our blog (how the public has helped) on David Kelly he painted us a picture and auctioned it off for us

Hold an event – Again read our blogs on the events people have done, Karen McGowan and the Mbala pony club held an event for us, the garden club of Lilongwe did a quiz for us.

Donate your birthday money – We have had a few people who have pledged rather than receiving birthday gifts, they have asked their guest to donate what they would have spent to us instead

Ideas on an event 

  • Sporting event e.g. Golf day, riding event
  • Pub nights
  • Quiz night
  • Bake sale
  • Luncheon
  • Musical or art evening

 At the bottom of the page is some items to help you with your event

No matter how big or small


We appreciate everything people do for us not matter how big or small, please help fill Moses’ begging bowl. As it costs a lot of money to save an elephant; it is a lifetime commitment, as little Moses will hopefully out live all of us. It is a legacy that we are leaving for our grandchildren.

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