As you already know I turned 50 on 30th June and had the party on the 14th July (same date as the other gentleman you posted who had his 60th bash - and who collected for Moses Ele). Doing something like this in Austria creates mixed emotions because after all it is a "bush girl" supporting "bush animals", something different, something un-Austrian - why not a human cause (in Austria) or one of the better known charities like SOS Kinderdorf / Caritas? What will it help? What difference will it make? How can what I do make a difference? - my answer: I have a voice. I am in the business of (intercultural) communication / training and voice coach ( - doing something like this is all part of my work - being a voice for animals, communicating their plight and driving awareness. Animals need humans to speak out for them. And at least I will have tried to preserve something for our future generations.
So, approx. 50 people came to the party - I did a presentation on rhino poaching with videos and some ugly truth images, and then smoothed over the emotions with your and Moses's story (including reference to the Italian tourists who found Moses - highlighting how one spontaneous decision can change a life - unfortunately I know too many people who would drive away with some excuse as to why they could not intervene) - I also had a rhino quiz with questions collected from various internet sites - all my friends were put into 5 "Big Five" teams - timed while answering the questions - answers were in the videos, music clips, my presentation etc. - everyone had heaps of fun, the teams were really competitive, and a lot of additional questions were asked afterwards. The box was placed in a high traffic area, and when I counted the next morning it had much more than I anticipated. I was expecting a few €10 notes but there was just under €500!
And finally, I believe in the mercy of God, and his blessings. I can also pray and raise this in church. "All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small..." I can do this.
Often I wish I could just get on an airplane and do something like get my ass over to Africa and really start kicking other asses, or do something like you are but I realise that I am here for a reason, I can raise awareness, speak to clients, get sponsorships bla bla bla - which is also GOOD, but I would much rather be getting mud slung at me by a pesky lil elephant!
You are the star, you and everyone at home helping Moses Ele are stars! Thank you!