Dear Jenny
This is the short story that we've done for you  on how we raised money for
Hope that this helps!

. .
We-Kate, Craig, William and Lina had decided to do a dog show to raise money
for Moses, it's tough work taking care of a baby elephant and everybody
should know that! Its 24 hour care and takes up your time. everything HAS to
be done on time on a schedule, you can't leave it until later.
We raised 23500 for him even though there was a really rubbish turnout!! It
was MK500 for entry fee, MK500 for burgers (we had it over lunch time) MK300
for cakes and MK500 for soaps. We had about 13 dogs entering in all and
there was lots of people that we invited to come and watch aswell. The more
people, the more money we can raise for Moses! Each dog entered in an
agility and jumping contest, they all did really well (apart from Mitzi and
Mirri!!!) it was almost like they knew they were helping!
There are many different ways to raise money. If you want to help Moses,
then don't go away on holiday next holiday because it's happening again!
(its hosted at Mbala Estate in Zomba. We are going to try and do it ALMOST
every holiday so that we can raise loads of money for Moses.
Our wildlife in Malawi is precious. Please help us to look after Moses.