Please see an account of the fantastic fundraiser organized by Regina Woeste, the German ambassadors wife and her wonderful family and written up by her daughter Stella. They raised MK 200, 000 for Moses which will help considerably towards the cost of his formula this month!!!


A collection of expatriates and locals gathered at the Ambassadors Residence on this last 13th of June. Having reached the height of the Euro cup 2012, especially for the German side; seeing as the Netherlands, who we would be playing against, are old rivals in football. We decided to tie in this football event with a fundraiser for Moses. We distributed leaflets and information about Moses and Jenny and about the Jumbo Elephant Foundation in order to enlighten those who did not hear about it before. A type of "cash bar" was set up. As in many bars, people could purchase beer tokens (as well as for soft drinks, juices, wine and sparkling wine) ranging from 250 Kwacha to 500 Kwacha. Once the guests understood, they were perfectly happy to contribute for the drinks. We also had three different soups, garlic bread, sushi, courtons and the like. For these one did not have to pay an extra fee. We said that we would be happy to receive donations and contributions for the food, and these could be granted at the main entrance. Furthermore, Regina Woeste, a freelance artist, had painted a picture of Moses previously and was auctioning it throughout the duration of the game and the night. Together with donations, the cash bar and the auctioned painting (which found its new owner), we were able to raise money for Moses and for Jenny. The game, of course, was a success as well. With almost all of the visitors being German expats, German locals or Germany supporters, the mood at the end of the 90 minutes was immensely positive. Everyone was excited and pleased; and people were looking forward to the screening of the semi-finals (if Germany manages that far!) Overall, it can be granted a huge success.