Moses continues to grow stronger and is becoming more self confident in that he will now wander around the house on his own – leaving which ever “ mother” he is with for short periods of time and then coming back regularly to check that they are still where he left them. He does panic if the mother in question is not where he/she should be and so we all need to make sure that if we move position at all when he has wandered off that we first go to him and let him follow us to the new position. He still remains very close at hand when he is outside and is not left alone at all in this case.


He is still very sensitive to any changes in his routine and we have to make sure that we stick strictly to this to avoid upsetting him. Last week I was doing some work in the evenings and once he had fallen asleep I moved off the mattress to the table a few metres away to continue working and this has had an effect on him in that he now runs his trunk over me quite  few times in his sleep – checking that I am still there.


He is becoming even more affectionate and spends a lot of time, especially in the early evening running his trunk all over me and putting mouth over my hand and gently rubbing it with his tongue – if you observe wild elephants you will see them putting their trunks into each others mouths as a sign of affection.


He has decided that he loves playing with a piece of newspaper and will scrunch it up with his trunk, stomp all over it and then lean down and push it along the floor with his head. His ball is still a favourite toy and he often pushes it along with his trunk and picks it up by the handle as he does with his little basket. He is getting a little more confidant with water and will splash his trunk in his paddling pool but still gets a big fright if he stands on the edge of the paddling pool and the water runs onto his feet and puddles as still a real no no – when we are walking I try walk though each puddle and he makes sure he walks around each puddle but again I am sure that he will get over his fear of mud and water in time as he gets over his trauma of being stuck in the river/marsh for so long.


Moses and the two part African wild cats have struck up a great friendship now, he has even had one of the kittens tails in his mouth whilst the kitten lay and purred next to him. Both cats snuggle up to him at night – just have to make sure that he doesn’t lie on top of them when he starts lying down . He lies down at night on top  of me and I then move away and having felt his weight a cat will surely be squashed! The other 2 domestic cats are not nearly as keen on Moses, in fact Mr Wilson ( the cat that I hand reared a few years ago) has decided to move into the cottage with Louise and Stewart as he really does not appreciate

 sharing his space with the elephant.


Moses and the dogs have sorted out their pecking order – basically Moses has made sure that he is top dog ( or elephant) and whilst he is very affectionate with them ( stroking them with his truck) he does not tolerate them moving onto his mattress and will push them out of the way if they don’t move when he is walking.