I know that last week I said that I would continue with stories of wild orphans that we have had in the past but I just have to put that on hold for another week as I cannot resist sharing Mr. Bo jangles antics this week.


As I am sure you remember Mr. Bo jangles was always fascinated by Moses, although he had a healthy respect for him and “the look” sent him scuttling away. Louise and I often mentioned that it would just be a matter of time before Mr. Bo jangles decided to come into the house as he would often follow Moses up to the door and then stand in the doorway for ages peering in well…… he has now plucked up the courage to come in. Initially he just came into the back storeroom and hung about in there for a while before going off to graze and then he climbed the two stairs into the dining room and would move between outside and the 2 rooms.


A huge commotion in the kitchen brought everybody running in only to find Mr. Bo jangles helping himself to the gem squash from the veggie rack in the kitchen and this was followed a couple of days later with a huge mess in the pantry as he had discovered the salt and the sugar and in getting them down from the shelf he managed to knock the rest of the contents down as well. The kitchen and pantry doors now remain firmly closed!!!


His access to the kitchen and pantry blocked off led him to explore further, my bedroom, the bathroom and finally the lounge which has become his favorite place. He spends ages in the lounge watching TV and is most unimpressed when he is led out from time to time. I think he enjoys the company as he is quite happy to be in the garden if we are not in the house but as soon as we come in he follows us and stands on the upper level of the lounge watching TV (he also quite likes to use the bar as a rubbing post as it is just the right height to give his back a good rub). I must say I am rather relieved that he is far better behaved than Moses when it comes to toilet facilities and always takes himself outside to a specific place in the garden.


He did give me rather a fright the other night as he developed hiccups, I was convinced that it was choke and had my arm down his throat trying to find a blockage ( he did give me some funny looks!) but it was all clear and after a little while the hiccups subsided to my great relief. He is a rather fat donkey with a tendency to try and eat all sorts of things so choke was a very real possibility but luckily in this case it was simply hiccups albeit very loud hiccups.