I was so proud of my Jumbo team led by Louise (and supervised by Catherine) whilst I was away in Joburg as they took on the mammoth task of laying the concrete slab over one weekend. You can’t order deliveries of concrete here so it is literally done with manual labour loading wheel barrows of sand, stone and cement into a little concrete mixer and then taking the mix with wheel barrows to the site and pouring whilst the building team compact using timber planks and “stampers” made from old paint tins filled with concrete and a stick to lift them and pound the concrete to get rid of all the air bubbles. 

On both days they started at first light i.e. 5am and continued working with the lights of the car until 7pm with only a short 20 min break for lunch and by Sunday night they had the slab laid.  The floor area is 285m2 and the slab is 15cm thick so it was many many wheel barrows and it was an exceptionally hot weekend – must say I did feel rather guilty leaving them all to do the hard slog whilst I got regular progress reports in the form of photos sent by viber but it really gives me confidence that Jumbo will continue long after I am gone.

So the pillars are done, the timber roof structure is done, the floor has been laid and we are now putting up the bamboos to attach the thatch grass to and then will build the brick walls so I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks to all of the wonderful people who have supported us I can finally say that financially we are almost there as following on from Wayne and Ronnie’s Christmas donation I got another very generous donation from Rainer Krantz’ who has supported us in so many ways since the beginning and we are now only $3800 short of the final figure required to complete the building.

It is truly amazing that every time we embark upon an ambitious project with not nearly enough funds somehow we manage to complete it and it is thanks to you all of our wonderful supporters out there that we can continue to make progress. One of the highlights of Jumbo is all of the lovely friends that we have made; there really are a lot of wonderful people in this world.