We start off our update this week by thinking of our American supporters, particularly those of you who lost loved ones in the dreadful 9/11 tragedy.  I know that whilst time does heal the pain of loss the scar is always there and I would ask you all to spare a moment to think of those people all around the world who carry that burden of loss and the elephant families who suffer the same emotional traumas as we do when they suffer a loss.

Sean Hensman sent us an email last week as he has put together a team to do research on elephant herpes which is a large killer of captive elephants and we salute him and his team for conducting such important research.  When we look at the hundreds of years of research that has gone into the care of domestic species of animals and compare it to the few decades of research that has gone into the care of wild species we realise how very far we still have to go and really do support any initiatives and sharing of experience that can help us all to learn more about those animals who share our planet and who deserve the very best of care when we try to rectify the wrongs committed by mankind.


Last Saturday Angela Kilner very kindly loaned us her tractor (and very bale groom/ driver Maxwell) to help us move our poles into position and on Sunday Leon Swart very kindly sacrificed the entire day to help us with our building project and the whole team got involved with getting the first poles up. It was a rather hot day, I am notoriously bad at remembering to use sun screen, very seldom wear a hat as it just gets in the way and tend to go barefoot as often as possible and as a result I look like an overripe tomato. Louise who also spent the entire day in the sun (and who is rather paranoid about getting sunburnt has not changed colour at all) has had a week of laughing at me and saying “I told you so!”

Yesterday we bid a fond farewell to my cousin Mark who returned to his family in Australia having spent nearly 3 weeks with us. You may remember that Mark was on a visit to Malawi when we got the call to rescue Moses and he very kindly agreed to drive to Mzuzu and back with me to collect Moses ( a 5 hour drive each way) well ……in actual fact I didn’t really let him know quite how far the drive was going to be initially I just asked him if he felt like going for a drive with me and only once we had left town did he ask where we were going but Mark is always a good sport and game for an adventure. This trip was decidedly tame by comparison but it was great to catch up and spend some family time together.