This week has been a week of hellos and goodbyes.  Obviously with it being Moses’s anniversary we did think of him and our final good bye a lot more than normal and coincidently I had to travel to Mzuzu on business which of course is the city where we went to collect Moses in the first place so the drive brought back many memories of our drive to go and collect Moses, my thoughts at the time, the feeling of anticipation and of course the long drive back through the night with little Moses.


We also said good bye to Napoleon the little owl who we released on Tuesday night after a good final free meal……. Well not really a final free meal as the owls are always very good at coming home and sitting on the roof of the aviary and calling for me to bring them more food if they have had a bad nights hunting and Napoleon I am sure will be no different. It was great to watch the silent grey shadow fly up into the nearest tree and know that he was finally free again to live the life of a wild owl.


Our hello this week was to a little calf whose Mum just does not have enough milk to feed her properly which happens from time to time especially during the long dry season when the cows  don have nice green grass to eat. Catherine thinks it is wonderful to have a little Mooo to play with and comes to supervise every feed. This particular calf has a very loud moo and is quite vocal if you are a bit slow with the bottle so whilst Catherine does want to see her numerous times a day she is a little nervous of the Mooo and does like to hold your hand quite tightly.  She is very smart and it only took a day for her to realise where the milk came from and for her to start licking her lips as she sees me walk towards her,