Jumbo update 18 Jan 2013


Things are really looking up, we have sunshine today and hopefully the soil will have dried out enough over the weekend to get back onto our brick making – trying to make bricks out of liquid mud just does not work!


We had a bit of excitement on Monday night at 11.30. We were all asleep – in total darkness as our transformer had blown up 10 days before leaving us with no electricity. I woke up to the dogs going mad, peoples voices and lights shining near the gate followed by a loud banging noise and was convinced that it was a gang of thieves chopping the gate down and so pressed the panic button for the security company and sat watching through a tiny gap in the curtains joined by Cheryl who had also woken up and was coming to investigate. The security company were great and a reaction team arrived after 15mins which was a huge relief to us both, the officers then came to the door to inform me that it was just Eskom installing a new transformer ……..I did feel like a total idiot and neurotic woman!!! By this time Louise had also woken up and so the 3 of us went outside to watch the progress and take the technicians some coffee. Sitting on the wet ground outside sipping my coffee and feeling very excited about the fact that we would have power again soon it did cross my mind that one of the benefits of living in a place where things don’t always work as they should do is that the smallest things can bring so much joy and excitement.


We had a visit from Luca and Cecile yesterday (the Italian tourists who rescued Moses) and it was lovely to see them again as they had not been back to Malawi since their visit to Moses in October. We had a poignant moment when we all visited Moses grave and Cecile put her necklace onto the cross, went to inspect the barn foundations and then went in for a cup of coffee and a chat.  It is so nice that our friendship has continued even after Moses has passed on and once again has made me reflect on how many very good friends we have made through our common interest in helping wild animals in need.