Jumbo update 18th October 2013

We are back into the hot, dry, dusty and windy time of the year when both man and animal start to look anxiously at the sky searching for the first signs of rain clouds. Tempers of both man and animal are normally more frazzled at this time of year commonly known this part of the world as suicide month but somehow as soon as the first storm starts to build the whole atmosphere is charged with electricity and anticipation and those first drops of rain smell so sweet and you can literally feel the joy and excitement from all living creatures.  I love the first storms of the season and am normally counting the days in anticipation but this year have very mixed feelings as on the one hand I am longing for green grass but on the other hand am racing against time to get the barn built to a stage where rain will not interfere with the building process.


As of yesterday the most daunting task of erecting the pole and roof structure is complete and I must say I slept a lot easier last night without visions of somebody falling down from 15m in the sky! As usual our Jumbo team has been fantastic and got involved boots and all with taking on all sorts of tasks that they would not normally do in the course of their duties Nyson, the groom and Jim the gardener have shown amazing climbing abilities and have joined Lloyd the carpenter up at the very peak of the roof hammering away with great gusto, Matimat the cook is not great with heights            ( rather like me) but is incredibly strong and is a great asset when it comes to lifting up heavy poles. This weekend we will be putting up the final braces to hold the whole structure together and then start the mammoth task of taking down all the scaffolding, doesn’t sound like much but the only scaffolding we were able to borrow is homemade steel sections which are incredibly heavy and have to be carefully lowered down from 15m using ropes and a pulley system so that it takes about 2 hours to get one section lowered and we have 15 to do. This is a slightly frustrating part of the process (as was the building of the scaffold) as whilst necessary it does not contribute directly to the growing of the barn structure. We will then finally get to the bricks and mortar part of the building when cash slips though our fingers like water as cement is so incredibly expensive here so I just hope that my budgeting on the quantities that we need is accurate and then it is onto the thatching of the roof which needs to be complete before the rains start in earnest towards the end of November. Wonder what on earth I will do with my weekends once this is all over.