Good morning from a very wet Malawi. We are now fully into the rainy season and everything is turning green and lush again.  I have a serious leak in the roof of the house that the thatchers have been trying to fix for weeks now and am rather relieved that I am no longer sleeping on a mattress on the floor as the leak is in the dining room where Moses and I used to sleep – you tend to be rather more aware of leaks when you are on the floor and the first time I noticed the leak I spent the entire duration of the storm with the vacuum cleaner sucking the water up as fast as it was coming in – much to the enjoyment of Moses who loved the vacuum cleaner and would wrap his trunk around it whenever it was on – think it was the vibration that he enjoyed.


We are trying hard to get into the Christmas spirit and have put up the tree which Catherine just loves and spends hours smiling and cooing at the lights and decorations. This year for the first time in as long as I can remember we don’t have any baby animals destroying the tree. Lat year it was wild cat kittens that thought the tree was there solely for their enjoyment, the year before were two little vervets Coco and Pops, the year before was another little vervet Midget and so it goes on. We had thought that we would need to start the decorations at least 1 ½ meters from the ground to be our of the reach of a little trunk although that probably would not have worked as eles who cant reach things on a tree with their trunk tend to just push the tree over and a Xmas tree in a pot would have been a piece of cake for Moses.


Work on the brick making  for the barn has slowed down a little with the daily rain combined with the fact that the garden is turning into a jungle and with all my family home work in the house has increased but we are still plodding along. Having said that we got a challenge from my cousin Mark the other day who told us that when he was making bricks he did 81 in a day so our 80 was pathetic, I passed this message onto Jim who ignored all of his normal work and proudly told me when I go home from work that the house was a mess but they had made 120 bricks that day – thanks Mark!


Our fundraising for the barn got a huge boost today thanks to Ashit who informed me this morning that he had instructed his bank to transfer $2000 to our account which added to all the other very generous donations from so many of you means that we now have enough money to buy all the cement that we need for the floor and the mortar.


The generosity of people continues to amaze us and we have so many lovely stories of how people have raised funds for us –


Veronica Munro has sent us $45 every single Thursday for 6 months now – she and hubby Wayne used to go on date night every Wednesday and decided to not go out and send us the money that they would have spent on going out instead.


Julie Derrington, Wendy King, Sasha Haldane, Valeria Grishko, Carol Cahrgualof, Tiffany White, Andrew Preston, Iona Balut, Lydia Campbell, Anja Wanker, Lana Merkel, Melissa Goudappel, Sarah McRoberts, Kim Laker and Valerie Grant have all made really regular donations


Kim Laker and Rachel Stegger have made donations on behalf of friends as Xmas presents.


With all of this help we are going to need a really huge frame listing all of the people who have helped us and our sponsor’s page on the web is growing by the day!