Yesterday evening at 5 o clock the Jumbo team had a small informal ceremony to remember Moses on his birthday. We sat near his grave, watched the sun go down and shared our memories of him. It was the most magnificent sunset followed by a huge storm an hour later which sent us all scuttling back inside.

It was a time of reflection, of thinking of how privileged we all were to have shared 9 wonderful months with such a special little creature. He gave us an insight into the incredible intelligence, love, compassion and sensitivity of an elephant. Taught us to be more sensitive to feeling the emotions of other creatures, to be more intuitive and better at reading body language. He had me wrapped around his little trunk and we shared a love as close as any mother and child have ever shared. I have always had a close bond with animals of all species but the bond with Moses was far more intense than any other. I was not unique in having this feeling which was shared by the rest of our team and by friends who were also privileged to be in a position to be able to visit Moses. Regina built up a close bond with Moses and so did Ben when he spent 10 days with us and in spite of only being able to come back once to visit after an absence of a few months Cecile was instantly recognized and given an extremely warm greeting. It was amazing to witness this incredible memory from such a young baby especially when compared to a human baby of the same age bearing in mind that our life cycle is very similar to that of an ele….. very dependant upon Mum until age 5, sexually mature mid teens, boys leave home at around age 18 and a life expectancy of 70.

We also reflected upon all the human friends we have made through Moses that we would probably have never come into contact with had he not been a part of our lives. He has brought together a huge number of like minded people and “kick started” a number of new initiatives as a result of these people coming together. Marleen de Febvre officially registered WAR – Wildlife at Risk – yesterday. I was extremely touched when she told me that she had specifically requested this date in memory of Moses.

I have taken the liberty of including this excerpt from an email from Lisa Feistel from Triangle tea which I received yesterday.

 I began my tea journey for personal reasons and after my mom passed away suddenly in 2010 it became a way of life journey as I was grieving and healing. We both shared a passion for animals and I knew I was meant to do more in my life and that somehow it would lead to helping others help them. I also knew I couldn't help them all but God would lead me to where there was an urgent need. I have a Pit bull, Angel, whom I rescued 10 years ago and  have since been highly active in advocating for them and supporting organizations that help them. I thought this would be my direction. I also own a bed and breakfast with my partner in Provincetown, MA ( Cape Cod) The Inn at Cook Street, where sea life is highly protected. Whales especially. I thought perhaps that too would be my cause. No, God had another plan. Early one morning I happened upon a news article about an orphaned elephant named Moses. Tears streamed down my face. I couldn't remember ever seeing a baby elephant. Surely I did at some point of my life but it never had an impact on me like this did. While sipping my Tea, I began posting all over my FB page this story of you and Moses. BTW, my 14 year old cat is named Moses!! I couldn't get the image of you and Moses out of my head. The passion to help began to burn. That was it, the moment I knew spiritually who I was called to help, Elephants. I read about a number of organizations including Jumbo and here I am now on a  new and blessed journey. Jenny, we are a start up company selling Loose Leaf Tea. You can read on our website on the giving back page that proceeds will be donated to helping elephants.

Thank you so much to all of you who sent us emails, messages and donations for his birthday in particular Veronica Munro, Anja Wanker, Melissa Goubappel, Inge Reher and Lana Merke