All of us at Jumbo Foundation have gone through our days of grieving for Moses in different ways and the wonderful support from so very many people around the world has been overwhelming and has really helped during this hard time. We have all shed enough tears to have irrigated a field, smiled at shared memories and even managed a laugh or two as we remembered some of Moses antics.



We allowed ourselves the luxury of a period of quiet reflection and mourning but, largely thanks to all of the support, we have been given the kick we needed to dust ourselves off and relook at our motivation to start Jumbo foundation in the first place. 450,000 people have visited our facebook page and we have received over 1000 emails with wonderful messages of support and requests to continue our operation and not to stop the work that Moses started.


The fact that poaching is a major problem in the region is still valid and as a result unfortunately there will still be orphan babies that need a refuge and help until they are big enough to go back into the wild and so there is still a desperate need for the facility that we provided for Moses.


We do still have funds in our account – whilst Moses was alive and requiring daily funds for his immediate needs we were always a bit nervous to start spending money on the barn as whilst we knew it would be required in the future we had to be sure that we always had sufficient funds for his daily requirements and a bit extra in case of any medical emergencies.


Tomorrow we start marking out and digging the foundations for the barn and we will keep building for as long as we have funds available – and will keep doing whatever we can to generate new funds to make sure that we can finish this and equip it to be able to provide the best possible care to any large animal that requires our help.


The barn is going to be very close to the house so that I can still keep a close eye on the babies and can bring any one that needs a bit of extra TLC into the house if I need to and it is going to be called the Moses Memorial Barn as he really was the catalyst for the whole venture and taught us so much.


We are also continuing our education of children as to the importance of conservation and treatment of animals. Today we have a group of 30 children from one of the local schools visiting Jumbo Foundation and Louise will be spending the morning with them showing them some videos of Moses, going through some material that we have put together to teach them about the economic value of protecting our wildlife and letting them interact with our domestic species to teach them more about the care and communication with animals. We will be building on this experience and interacting more with the schools particularly those that border on the national parks as we believe that in educating the children we are building a better future for the next generation