Success at last I have found blue gum poles!!!!!

I deposited the money to Press Agriculture today to pay for the poles and as soon as the cheque has been cleared through the bank they will give me permission to go onto one of their estates to start cutting and as soon as I can get the poles on site I can start getting a welder to make the steel brackets to hold the poles that I need to build into the foundations. We need to make every effort to keep the pesky little termites at bay but I don’t want to treat the poles with chemicals as I have seen how little eles love to lick wood and so am trying to keep all the poles above ground where we can see what is going on and keep on top of the situation.

We will employ casual labour on site to cut the poles which will take the pressure off the home team and help a few villagers in the outlying areas to earn a bit of money.  The devaluation of the currency in Malawi has led to huge inflation and the people are going through rather a tough time so being able to provide a little bit of employment can help a few people for a few days. I know it is not much in the big scale of things but we do feel that we are primarily here for the animals and need to use our funds as prudently as possible which is why the majority of the work is done by ourselves in our time off from our normal jobs.

 I am hoping to rope my cousin Nic into supervising this for me, he has come out from Australia for a holiday (silly guy coming to see me as his holiday is turning into rather hard work as he has already been beavering away at helping me improve security at home as crime is becoming more of an issue in quiet little Malawi). Nics brother Mark was visiting me when I got the call about Moses needing help and I asked him if he felt like taking a little drive with me – only when we were driving out of town did Mark ask the question as to where we were going at which time I informed him that we had a 5 hour drive to Mzuzu and a 5 hour drive back as we were going to collect a little elephant and as I would be in the back with the elephant he would need to be the driver on the way home, luckily my cousins are rather used doing slightly crazy things with me and as they do keep coming back it can’t be that bad!

Now that the rains have virtually stopped our brick making team is back in action and so I finally feel that we are back to making progress on our barn. It will sure be a huge day of celebration when it is finally completed (and the horses will be most relieved that they are not being kicked out of their stables to make room for assorted babies from time to time) although I somehow think that we will still have assorted wild residents in our house for an extra little bit of TLC on a fairly regular basis