Jumbo update 28 Dec 2012
Merry Christmas from all of us at Jumbo. We were all thoroughly spoilt animals and people alike. Dogs each got an extra big meaty bone, cats got tuna, horses and donkey got extra carrots in their breakfast. 

We did have an extra little orphan, a tiny little vervet that we rescued from the side of the road who spent Christmas with us and then went to join the group of monkeys at the sanctuary in town who specialise in primates ,on boxing day where he will become part of a family unit to ultimately be released back into the wild. Cheryl was Mum to the little monkey and would have loved to have kept him a bit longer but the best thing for him was to move into the sanctuary as soon as possible so that he did not form attachments which then had to be broken. 

Regina’s family joined us for Xmas day, Regina unfortunately was ill and so was unable to be part of the day which was a real pity as she really has been such a great friend to Jumbo but there will be other occasions.

Malawi is looking lovely and green with all the rain we are having – great for all the animals and of course the farmers crops but I now fully understand why builders traditionally close down for a month over this period as it is a disaster for building so we have made very little progress on the barn. I am rather an impatient person and find it a bit frustrating but I guess we need to work with the elements and not against them and we will get on with building as soon as the weather allows.