Jumbo update 5th July 2013


We are all very concerned about the information that Matt has received and confirmed about Asian gentlemen approaching people to go into Kasungu national park to poach elephants.  The poachers are generally very well armed and Matts organisation is still very new and whilst extremely professional they are still short of military trained personal and of course funding is always an issue.  We at Jumbo and Marleen from WAR are trying to assist where ever possible but of course our resources are also rather limited although I would be quite happy to “grab a gun” and go into the field even if it is just to man a radio or be a “go for” but as I am employed full time I can only offer this service over weekends and poachers are not really going to fit in with my schedule.  If there are any of you out there who can offer Matt direct assistance please could you contact him on chezlief@hotmail.fr


Our little family of animals has grown slightly this week.  Last week we noticed Bagheera  ( the boerbul/lab bitch) carrying her bowl of food out every evening and after a day or so went to investigate – she was taking it to a stray puppy that had moved into the garden. The pup was rather young and very skinny as well as being terrified of people, every time any of us went outside it would disappear into the flower beds growling and as we got closer it would run off as quickly as possible. We started off by bringing small bowls of food out a few times a day and putting the bowl down as close to the pup as we could get.  Last weekend I sat out in the garden as close to the pup as I could get before it ran off and played with the other dogs and eventually it ventured close enough for me to touch it.  Every day she has got a bit closer and has finally ventured into the house ad is starting to follow us albeit keeping her distance initially until she eventually builds up enough courage to let you touch her. Once she has got over her initial fear she quite enjoys a bit of a cuddle and I am sure that in time she will become loving and friendly. Scamp as we have called her, is in very poor condition and riddled with fleas but by this weekend she could be confident enough to give her a bath, a rabies vaccination  and deworm her and she is slowly starting to gain condition so I guess we are now up to 7 dogs in the house as Sheba, the office dog, has moved across to the house as she is getting older and her  cancer is spreading so that she needs some extra TLC, unfortunately her cancer is terminal and so all we can do is keep her comfortable and give her lots of TLC until such time as she is in pain when we will have to euthanize her.