Jumbo Update 7 June 2013


We have had a great week this week and are really looking forward to the next week as well.

Veronica and Wayne Munro finally arrived in Malawi on Wednesday, it was rather an emotional moment and I have to confess to a little tear at finally meeting the wonderful couple who have supported us so much over the past 18 months. They have sent us weekly donations every single week without fail and Ronnie is the world’s best communicator always there to lend a “virtual shoulder” to cry on when I have had sad days, she had to deal with a sobbing person on the end of a telephone line an hour after Moses died, as well as being there to share in our happy times. Ronnie and Wayne are currently visiting Lake Malawi with Louise and baby Catherine and I am dying to see the photos!!!


In a few hours’ time I will be collecting another wonderful supporter Ashit Oukabay from the airport who will be with us for the weekend. Tomorrow we are all going to be at home together making bricks for the barn, discussing all of our future plans and going through the Jumbo accounts so that I can show them exactly where all of their money ( and that from all of you other great supporters) has been spent.  I can supply full accounts to anybody who has donated at any time upon request and our first audited accounts should be out soon. Kumar Lorgatt and company have very kindly agreed to do the audit pro-bono but obviously we do have to fit in with their other clients and this is a very busy time of the year for them. On Sunday we are all off to Kuti community game ranch which is only an hour’s drive away from Lilongwe and will give everybody a bit of time in the bush with some great antelope species to watch and admire.


One of the huge benefits of being involved with Jumbo are all the “new friends” we have made. It is strange but although most of us have never met I feel as if I really know you and as if we have a really strong bond ad it is so special to finally meet a few of you in person and be able to spend a few days together.


My children’s story book for 5 – 6 year olds is getting closer to being published, Nami (my publisher) has approved the final manuscript and I have sent her the signed copy of the book contract as well as all of the photos and am now waiting excitedly to see the final layout. Feels really strange to be talking to a big publisher but Nami is so sweet that she doesn’t intimidate me at all and has been great at “Americanising” my language as the book is to be published in the States.