Moses up date 2 Nov


Moses has had a bit of a difficult week, with the build up to the first rains it has been very hot and humid and you can feel the tension in the air which has affected our sensitive little boy who has not been sleeping as well as he normally does and when he is asleep he wants to be very very close to me. With his very sensitive digestive system any sort of stress results in diarrhea which is a contstant challenge to us, especially as it results in such rapid weight loss and Moses is still in the process of regaining the weight lost after his op. We are in constant contact with vets and professionals with elephant experience on this issue which is one of the major problems related to baby elephants and are very appreciative of all the help and advice that we do get.


We had the first thunder storm at night which he really did not like at all and needed a lot of extra reassurance. When he is a bit nervous he has a gentle little grunt and his trunk is very busy touching you and making sure you are very close and paying attention to him. This nervousness during thunder storms is not restricted to Moses only as even in the wild you will hear the baby eles performing and making sure that their mothers are close by to defend them. The storm soon passed on a with a big sigh Moses lay down and had his first really good long sleep for a while ….so did I!


Last weekend we had a visit from the film crew of BBC focus on Africa who have done a short piece on Moses and it was a real pleasure to work with such a professional group of people who fully understood the need to put Moses and his welfare above all else. We have been extremely lucky with all of the members of the press who have visited us and every person has taken the time to find out what does and does not cause stress to Moses and has fitted in his or her filming or photgraphs around Moses and his mood at the time. Little guy is being treated as a prima donna already!