As I write this update I notice that yesterday was our shortest day of the year and in theory the middle of winter – seriously hope it starts warming up soon. I know that for many of you in colder climates this probably sounds very silly but at 3 am when Moses and I are wandering around the kitchen warming up bottles it does seem very cold especially as our houses are not geared for cold weather. The one positive is that with the cold weather Moses does like to snuggle up even closer than normal and it is rather special to have a little ele snuggling into you and holding your arm with his trunk to make sure you don’t move away.  He has 4 fluffy blankets on him at night now and likes the body warmth that I generate as well – must say I do appreciate his body warmth as well and I think I am on the winning side from that point of view as he generates a lot more than me and I get the benefit of warm air from his trunk blowing over me as well.


Moses is really developing a character as he grows older – he had Matimat and I in fits of laughter on Wednesday when I drove home – Kirby ,the jack russel, has a rather high pitched bark and when she is excited it almost sounds hysterical, when any one of us drives in she races up to the car with her excited bark and on Wednesday Moses and Matimat were in the dust bowl which is close to where I park the car when I drove in – Kirby raced up with her normal bark followed closely by the other dogs and Moses with his ears flapping and his trunk swinging, as he got to the car he smacked Kirby firmly with his trunk and then tried to climb into the drivers seat with me. I wasn’t sure at the time whether he was annoyed at Kirby’s barking, jealous of the attention I was giving her or just joining in with the general excitement but on subsequent days whenever he is close by when I drive in I get the same reaction of him running to the car with his ears flapping and trying to climb in with me and …. If any of the dogs are in the way they get smacked so I guess he is as excited as the dogs to see me coming home.