Moses continues to get stronger and develop more of a character every week. He is now playing a lot more with his “horse ball”, he has discovered that if he picks it up with his trunk and bounces it on the floor that it makes a noise so it is now his favourite toy again and he carries it around with him quite a lot, bouncing it every now and then – especially in the early hours of the morning when I am trying to get him to go back to sleep. Thank goodness he does go straight to sleep at 6 in the evening and so I do still get a reasonable amount of sleep ( although my sleeping hours are not very sociable towards the human members of our family). He also thinks that the wet and dry vacuum cleaner that my son Craig bought me to clean up his mess has been bought specifically for him to play with, he loves pulling on the suction pipe – suppose it feels a bit like a trunk to him -and he pushes it along with his head, all fine when I am not trying to use it but it does make vacuuming that bit more challenging.


From time to time he does test his strength by charging ( especially if you take a little too long with heating up his milk).  He is clever at working out who he thinks he can charge at and get away with it and who not to charge – the physically smaller people like Jim, Louise and myself are challenged from time to time but the bigger people are not. The last time he went through a “charging phase” I discovered that blowing into his trunk as a punishment worked well as it did not hurt him ,cause too much stress or increase levels of aggression and he now knows when he is doing something wrong and hides his  trunk as soon as he has done it ( which generally makes me laugh and forget that there should be some discipline). This last week he became very pushy and was charging quite a lot when I was pouring the milk into his bottle – have the bruises to show for it – and as he is getting bigger and stronger he has to learn that charging at people is not acceptable behaviour. On Wednesday night after he had thumped into me for the 6th or 7th time whilst I was trying to wash out his bottle I decided to try and flick water onto his face as he charged which worked a treat – he got a very surprised expression on his face and came to run his trunk over me to “make friends” and has been a very well behaved and affectionate little elephant for the rest of the week.