This week has been a good one! The sores on Moses ear have almost healed completely, his wound from the op is almost totally healed and he is finally starting to put on a bit of weight again.


We have received the special baby probiotics from Marleen in Holland and he has been on these since Monday so I am sure that they are starting to take effect now and she has completed her full set of tests on his saliva, urine and all the ingredients in his formula and established which additional herbal remedies he requires to build up his immune system and get him firing on all cylinders. Laurie has guys coming out from Holland in the 3rd week of September and so they will be able to bring them out for me and then we should to see a fat little elephant emerging.


Moses has regained all of his energy and is back to being a cheeky little guy who rules the roost. He has very rigid ideas of where all the animals fit into the pecking order (he of course is at the top) and who is allowed where and when. Dogs are great during the day and he enjoys going for walks with them and interacting with them (unless of course they bark hysterically like Kirby the jack russell when she gets excited at which time she gets a smack with his trunk) but as soon as it gets to dusk all dogs must go outside other wise they get chased out and if they don’t move fast enough they get the trunk smack. In the morning however they are welcomed in and each one gets greeted in turn. The donkey can hang around at a distance but if he starts drinking water out of his paddling pool or comes to investigate the dust bowl that donkey made but Moses uses he gets chased off smartly. Cats however are always welcome at all times and all places and in fact they can even curl up next to him to sleep at night and they get stroked with the trunk whenever they come close. He has perfected “the look” when he gets a beady eye, raises his head, tucks his trunk in and glares at the culprit and every one of the animals ( with the exception of the cats of course) move at great speed as soon as they get “the look”.


In the early hours of this morning Moses discovered a frog and spent ages following it around trying to pick it up with his trunk – getting rather frustrated when the frog jumped out of reach, shaking his head and blowing through his trunk each time this happened.