Moses has had a busy week. He had visitors on Saturday and Sunday, I have had Justin staying with us for a week and so he has made a new friend and Gina has joined our team. We do restrict the visitors to a maximum of 2 at a time, visitors do not invade his space and leave it up to him to decide if he wants to come and say hello and strictly no children as their high voices and energy do upset him. I do sometimes feel mean sticking to these rules but Moses and his welfare must come first and every time I have relaxed the rules slightly I have regretted it as I do notice that Moses battles to settle that night, sometimes develops a runny tummy and is generally not himself for the next few days. He does not like flash photography as this does hurt his eyes if the flash is too close and whilst we all like to get that perfect shot we do need to remember that he is a wild animal and still very much a baby.


Gina Kilmer who has grown up in Malawi is back as a qualified zoologist and has very kindly volunteered her services to work with Moses; she has been doing research and looking into ways of stimulating his day. Moses, like all babies, has a very short attention span so we need to keep thinking of new things for him to investigate and play with. The cold weather has put a dampener on his mud and water activities but he is really loving his dust bowl and I think he may progress to rolling in the dust soon – will probably have to do some rolling myself over the weekend to give him the confidence to try it himself.


He is responding well to the increase in the milk powder content of his formula which is a great relief for one anxious mum!


Last night at 2am Moses decided it was time to play………first he tested out his strength by pushing me around the kitchen whilst I prepared his milk ( he is very good about saying sorry and making friends again by running his trunk over me and rumbling softly afterwards). He then had a game with the cats who were also feeling playful so we had a menagerie running around chasing each other and finally at 4am he decided that perhaps he could manage a bit more sleep. Luckily he had slept really well from 6pm to 10pm giving me a whole 4 hours sleep in a row and then from 11 to 2 so I am fully rested this morning.