This past week has been a rather busy one when it comes to babies. Louise developed pre- eclampsia on Monday and the docs said that they had to deliver her babe as Lus life was being threatened and so immediately put her onto a drip to start inducing labor.  She was in labor from Monday morning until Tuesday evening when they elected to do a caesarian section and little Catherine Anne was born at 5pm weighing just 2kg but otherwise strong and healthy. She did need to go onto oxygen as she was battling a little to breathe but later that night when an electrical power cut forced us to remove the oxygen ( there was no generator and the tubes were as big as her little nostrils) she was able to breathe fine on her own.


I am afraid little Moses had to take a bit of a back seat as I was being torn between being with my daughter, being in the office and being with a little ele but Matimat and Jim were absolute stars and covered for me very well. I did manage to spend some time each day with Moses and he was rather like a grumpy little boy who felt a bit left out – at first he would walk into a corner and completely ignore me and then after a few minutes have a peep to see if I was watching as I was sitting on the floor near by – after a couple of peeps he decided that he was getting no reaction and so decided to stop being silly and come over for cuddles when he then wrapped his trunk around me arm, pressed he head into my chest and rubbed his whole body against me and so I guess all was forgiven.


When we brought Catherine home we held her down low for Moses to meet her and he was very sweet and gentle. He ran his trunk gently over her and rumbled softly – the same greeting that he gives to Louise and I. When she was in her pram he came and stood near rumbling softly and running his trunk just above her and then he came to supervise her bath putting his trunk into the water next to her ( Matimat says he was checking that the water was the correct temperature) and he remained in the bathroom until the whole process was over – just wish I had a camera with me at the time as it was rather a special moment.