We were all feeling a bit sad this morning as we had our morning cup of coffee without Ben who has really become an “adopted member” of the family and I am sure Moses was wondering where his “adopted brother” was and why he had not come to say good morning!


Moses is now becoming a “big boy” who is having more and more solid food added to his milk formula. He is having 3 cups of coconut a day now as well as 3 cups of oats porridge a day and on Wednesday he started on a teaspoon of peanut flour in each bottle which we will be increasing gradually. He is still not eating solid food on his own although he does put leaves and grass into his mouth with his trunk to taste and feel them so it won’t be too much longer before he eats the first one. He is very interested in anything that goes into my mouth – has attempted to help himself to my coffee and has put his trunk into a glass of coke and then put that into his mouth and so I can see myself starting to eat grass, leaves and Lucerne soon so that he can copy what I am doing as baby eles often take the food that their mothers are eating to learn what is good and bad to eat. He has been playing with some sugar cane that we have peeled for him as the moist, sweet taste may encourage him to start chewing and I have been giving him fruit and tomatoes to play with as well.


It is getting pretty hot in Malawi now so Moses only needs one small blanket at night time and really needs his sunburn protection of baby suntan lotion and a protective sheet over his back when he goes out into the sun. He is really enjoying his baths – he gets very involved with his trunk in a bucket of luke warm water and manages to splash a lot onto himself – as well as everybody around him!! He does believe in sharing……putting mud on my face when we give him a mud bath, splashing water on me when he has a normal bath, rubbing a milky trunk all over me after a bottle etc.


He has had a busy week with visitors from the press – Denis Farrell from Ap/TV flew in on Monday and out on Tuesday  ( I have had a sneak preview of some of his photos and they are just brilliant, hope some news publications will agree with me and we will see him in papers around the world soon).  Peggy Mackenzie and her sister Edith are out from the Toronto Star doing his story and will be with us for 10 days, looking forward to seeing their story and photos and of course we have had Ben Tutton with us. We have had to be very careful with Moses as whilst it is fantastic to get the publicity and awareness for Jumbo Foundation as well as for the plight of little elephants who are the victims of poaching we do need to remember that Moses is still a little baby and he needs his quiet times and routine and so I have had to be a bit of a dragon and insist on limited numbers of non-family people with him at any one time and limited periods of the day when the press can have access to Moses as after all he is the most important one here and his needs have to come before anybody else’s needs. “The dragon” also has to go to work each day and so the message needs to be loud and clear so that rules are not broken when she is not around. Everybody has been very co-operative and very good about leaving us in peace as from 5 in the evening when Moses starts to get ready for bed for which we are really grateful but even with this I have noticed that Moses needs a little more reassurance from me at night that it is just the two of us and that I will not be going anywhere and he has taken to trying to sleep with his head on top of mine – his head weights about 20kg and is much bigger than mine so that is not really an option but he does compromise by lying on my arm with his trunk around my neck and his trunk squashed up against my face which is quite special but the snoring is almost as loud as my husbands when he is that close and my arm does have very little feeling left in the morning – thank goodness he is not any heavier at the moment and hopefully as he gets heavier we can compromise on my arm!!!