Moses didn’t have his operation over the weekend as Dr Parsons had to reschedule due to an urgent situation in Zambia. We are continuing to monitor his hernia and whilst on the one hand it will be a relief when it is all over I cant help but think that every week we wait he is a bit older and a bit stronger.


We went on a Moses shopping spree last weekend and bought him 8 new little blankets – he uses 5 blankets at a time during the later half of the night and on some nights he manages to go through 2 or 3 lots of blankets as he does not always wake up in time to get up before he goes to the loo. We also found a very light hula hoop and a few baby toys that we could not resist so he has a whole new basket of toys to play with although the horse ball remains his favorite!


As Moses gets older he is becoming more and more set in his routine – at 5.45 in the evening he starts to get restless and follows me around getting rather pushy until I put his extra blankets on and make up our bed on the floor. He then climbs onto the mattress – quite often before I have even finished making up the bed – and stands there until I get into bed at which time he flops down with his head on the pillow, holds my hand in his trunk and within seconds is fast asleep and snoring. When we have completed the 8 o’clock feed he moves closer to me making sure that his whole side is firmly touching my side, has my hand firmly in his trunk and goes into a slightly lighter sleep, the 10 o’clock feed is when he starts to lie on top of me in that he puts his head on my shoulder and his trunk around my neck, midnight feed is the one where it takes the longest for him to go back to sleep as he likes to stand with his head against me and be cuddled for 20 mins or so before he lies down with his head and shoulders on top of me and his trunk around my neck, 2am feed is normally fairly quick and he goes back to sleeping on my shoulder and 3.30am is wake up time – if I try to lie down again he stands on my head but he is happy if I am sitting and then he rests his head against me and has cuddles until 5.30 when he starts to play with his toys. His routine is so regular now that you could virtually set your clock according to what he is doing at any particular time.