Thank you so very much to all of our wonderful supporters around the world who have sent us such special messages. You have all certainly helped every one of us to get though yesterday and today as in the midst of our tears you have given us hope, reassurance and smiles when we think of how many people our darling little Moses touched.


In the first few hours after his death I felt empty and broken with no more hope or drive to fight the ele cause and was seriously considering closing down Jumbo foundation, donating any remaining funds to a worthy cause and just crawling into a hole to cry but your fantastic response combined with Louise’s determination has made me realize that Moses deserves more than that and he did not fight so long and so hard to live for us to just give up now.


We have all been questioning and trying to come to terms with why Moses fought so hard to live in the early days when the odds were stacked so much against him and then having wormed his way so deep into our hearts why he left us. I guess it is because his job on earth was done, selfishly I do wish that he had not been quite so efficient as then he may have been able to spend more time with us.


He has touched more peoples hearts in his short life than many of us will do in a much longer period of time, he has truly been an ele ambassador who has lived up to his name and led his species forward ,through teaching us about the compassion, emotion, intelligence and gentleness of elephants. He has reawakened the drive for conservation in many of us and has changed people’s attitude towards animals in general and elephants in particular in many cases.


We are therefore going to start building our elephant barn in memory of Moses. We will dedicate a wall of the barn to Moses and his supporters where we will record for prosperity the names of all of you who have donated to his support either during his life or in death as a record of his vast extended family as well as memories of Moses and photos. With this in mind whilst the memories are still fresh we will still continue to record them and share them with you and we ask all of you to help us keep these memories alive.


Those of you who have shared the privilege of meeting Moses please share your photos and memories with us all on FB and those of you who have not met him in person please share your favorite stories about him or ways in which he touched your life.