Moses displays such human like reactions and emotions sometimes that I cannot help comparing him to a human toddler.


He is very sweet and protective with little Catherine, the slightest squeak and he comes running to see what is happening ( I say running but with an ele it is a very fast walk as they do not change their gait as other animals do but just walk faster and faster).  This is very typical behaviour for a young elephant in that within the family group the older animals protect the younger ones even if they are babies themselves and Moses obviously views Catherine as the youngest member of the herd.


 However I do also feel a bit that like a young child  who has just had a new baby arrive in the home that he is feeling a little left out and so is demanding more attention, for example giving him his bottle used to take place at one specific spot in the kitchen with his trunk up against the door but now he likes to have a few sips there and then moves to the door frame for a few sips more, then runs into the hallway to have a few sips with his trunk against the staircase and then back into the dining room for the last bit with his trunk against the side door! He does still get lots of loves and cuddles and we are all making sure that we do not give Catherine attention without giving Moses some as well.


He is a very affectionate little guy especially in the evenings and during the night when he enjoys some cuddle time after each feed before he lies down but this time is reserved for family only and he can get quite stroppy if there are non family members around starting off my giving them a gentle nudge to ask them to move on and getting more and more determined if they do not take the hint right up to a full blown charge.