This past week has brought a lot of amusement to the carers as Moses starts to explore his “family” and seems to be relating what he finds to himself. It started off with him spending a long time in the middle of the night exploring my face with his trunk and then exploring his own face. He felt all over my face and then all over his, felt my eyes then felt his, tried to put his trunk in my mouth and then in his, pulled and felt my ears and then his and then he got to my nose……. He then spent ages feeling all over his forehead for his nose, went back to pulling my nose and back to his forehead. You could almost imagine him wondering why I had one of those funny things and he didn’t – he seems to relate my arm and hand to his trunk as I use it to demonstrate splashing in water, playing in the dust, picking things up etc. His fascination with noses has continued all week with him feeling Louises nose, the cats nose, the dogs nose etc.


Moses then started playing with Bagheeras , the dogs  tail ( the lab cross boerbul) whilst she was eating her supper and has progresse to playing with Shumba the cats tail – Shumba is much more co-operative and lets Moses put his tail in his mouth as well to taste and feel what it is all about…..he just cant reach his own tail with his trunk so not sure if he knows that he as one as well!


Moses loves paying in the sand in the school that I have for the horses, so do the chickens….. he decided that he would like to investigate the chickens but they had other ideas and ran off squawking whilst Moses ran after them and so this is now a new  daily game of chase the chickens.