Moses continues to develop day by day – like a young child he is learning about his body and what different parts do primarily his trunk which is such an intricate part of an elephant..

He is becoming much more adept with his trunk ( it is also becoming so much stronger if he wants my hand in his mouth now I cannot stop him from putting it there.) Elephants show affection by running their trunks over each other and putting their trunks into other eles mouths.

He has started to pick up sticks and wave them around and – like all young creatures – puts everything in his mouth to investigate it and even puts his tongue on things to find out what they are.

He has realized that his trunk can also be used as a weapon and if any of the dogs dare to walk onto his mattress they get a sharp smack from his trunk.

He is now not so scared of mud and lets me put a small amount onto his ears to protect them from sunburn – in fact the other day he then got involved with the mud – put his trunk in and smeared mud onto his legs, he still does not have the co-ordination to do a proper job but at least he knows what he is supposed to do. The naughty little guy then decided that it was only fair if I got muddy as well and proceeded to rub mud into my hair!

He is still feeding every 2 hours and his milk intake is up to 15 litres a day which you would think would turn him into a fat little bundle but he now walks 3km a day as we need to build up his muscle strength and so he burns up a lot of energy. We are trying to make his life as similar as possible to what he would experience in the wild and when the elephant herd moves the babies keep up.