This has been a very exciting week for the humans of Jumbo Foundation thanks to Denis Farrell and Andrew Meldrum from AP who took such amazing photos and who told Moses story so eloquently that 160 news publications from around the world have picked up his story. Thank you so much gentlemen for doing such a professional job! Thanks also to Christina Pretorius who put Denis in touch with us and to Fiona Passoni for introducing Christina to us we will be forever grateful to you ladies. Thanks to you all we have been able to make great strides in our aim of creating awareness for elephants and the plight of little orphans.


We have had a deluge of emails from wonderful people all over the world as a result of this article and some of the stories have had us in floods of tears at the generosity and kindness of people, some of whom are going though extremely tough circumstances but have found the time to contact us and wish us well. We really do appreciate each and every email and we promise we will reply to every one of you as this feedback and contact is important to us but we have been slightly overwhelmed with the number of emails and so it is taking us a bit longer to reply than we would like. Jumbo Foundation does not employ any admin staff and so emails are replied to by Jenny in between her full time job and nighttime shift with Moses and Louise who also works and has a tiny baby so please bear with us any of you who are still waiting for a reply.


Moses of course is still totally unaware of his celebrity status -probably a good thing as who knows what fame going to his head would result in!!- as it is he has decided that it is unacceptable for me to roll over during the night and sleep with my back to him instead of facing him with my hand on his trunk and if I do roll over he gives soft little grunts, puts his trunk over my head and tries to turn me over – if he is able to grab my nose he uses this as a lever – if I don’t roll back over then he stands up and pulls my nose until I do turn back over at which time he lies down again making sure that his head is on my hand to stop me doing it again – this happens even if he is in a deep sleep and snoring which just shows how aware his is of his surroundings even when he is sleeping.  He is always very gentle though even if he is being demanding and ultimately all he wants and needs are lots of loves and cuddles from his family, his bottle and his routine.


Moses did however have a special visitor this week as well – Luca and Cecile ( the Italian tourists who were involved in his rescue) came to visit him and to deliver euro 2000 that they had raised for him through “Follow rabbit” as well as a painting that had been done especially to raise further funds for him. What a lucky little ele Moses is that they were in Vwaza when he needed help and that they have continued to befriend him. Moses definitely remembered Cecile and was very affectionate and loving towards her even though they met during the most traumatic time of his young life. I am sure that the fact that Cecile was the first human to offer Moses comfort and security made a huge impression on him and that he will continue to remember her for the rest of his life.