Moses update 20 July


This week has been an amazing week for donations for Moses.


 Kate McGowan, Craig Christie and Lina Glissman organized a dog show in Zomba and raised K23500 for us. This is a sterling effort by 3 young children who initiated and ran the event and it is really heart warming to see children with such a commitment to helping others.


Leon Swart had his 60th birthday party and asked his guests to please make donations for Moses rather than give him birthday presents - a very generous gesture which was clearly matched by the generosity of his guests who raised an incredible K 471720 which will enable me to clear 50% of the legal bill incurred to register Jumbo Foundation.


Dr Catherine Wood bought me a wonderful book on the husbandry, anatomy, surgery and vet care of elephants written by the leading experts in this field as well as a whole range of vet products valued at $1500.


I am therefore feeling very privileged to have such special friends.


Moses has not been quite as co – operative as normal with 3 nights this week when he decided that he really would far rather play than sleep which meant that I was awake from 8 at night to 3 in the morning – lots of time to think and plan the following day. Luckily I have really adjusted to broken sleep and so did not really feel the effects of this too much.


Catherine is staying with me for a few weeks and so is helping me to fit special orthopedic braces (custom made for Moses by a leading equine orthopedic surgeon in USA) onto him every morning. Although it is not uncommon for young elephants to have slack tendons on their back feet – very similar to young foals, we feel that the extra support provided by the braces will help the tendons to strengthen and break his habit of rocking back on his hind legs. We do take the braces off at night to make it more comfortable for him to sleep lying down and can already notice a difference. The first few mornings Moses objected strongly to having them put on – you do notice the strength of a little ele when he does not want to stand still to have braces put on …… but he is now getting used to the routine and is becoming quite good at lifting his feet and then standing still for a while before his patience runs out and he pushes Matimat out of the way and walks forward. Once the braces are on he does not seem to mind them at all and it does not impair his movement – he just looks like a little astronaught from the back.


I found a small dry calabash the other day and Moses loves playing with it as it is light and has a hole that he can put his trunk into to pick it up and throw it around – not sure how long it is going to last as it is not very strong but now that I know he likes them I can look around for a few more.