Moses continues to be very protective over little Catherine – the slightest squeak from her brings him running to find our what’s going on and he is present at every bath time            ( unless he is hungry at that time in which case his bottle takes preference).


Although his energy levels are good and his emotional and mental state is good he remains very underweight in spite of all of our efforts. I do feel that this is a combination of the fact that he was orphaned so young before his natural gut flora could really be developed as he would have got a lot of that from his mother, his hernia which restricted the movement of food through his gut and all the antibiotics that we had to give him to make sure we protected him from septicemia. On Monday we will receive the meds package from Holland put together by Marleen De Febvre after she did EAV testing on him and so I am holding out high hopes for some improvement on this front over the next month or so.


This brings me to the amazing response we have had from people all over the world to the plight of little elephants and particularly Moses. I have the fun part of this job in that I get to interact with Moses (and sleep with him every night) but I have got a fantastic support network around me – from my daughters who manage the website and FB page, Marleen De Febvre, Dr Ian Parsons and Rachael Mouton who support me with vet and husbandry advice (sure they sometimes regret ever having given me their phone numbers). Regina Worste, Christine Kotoff, Marleen De Febvre, Rainer Kranz, Ed Hall, Karen McGowan, Arend from African conservation foundation, Barbi Henderson, Lydia Campbell from Spots and John Dixon who are amazing fund raisers, our fantastic team of people who have made regular donations like Andrew Preston, Veronica Munro, Ioana Balut, Neville and Sandy Young, Anne and Lindsay Fitzmauritz , People who have asked friends to donate money to Moses instead of birthday presents like Leon Swart and  Hester Bergh Appoyer, the corporate companies like Dis-chem, Ortica, Barr Pharmaceuticals and Illovo sugar who have supported us and all of Moses friends who have made donations and who have helped to create awareness for him. A huge bonus that I never expected when I took Moses on is the whole new group of “friends” that |I have made it is wonderful to see how many wonderful people who share my interest there are out there.


October is going to be a great month for Moses as Ben Tutton is going to be doing some filming of him and Peggy Mackenzie is going to be writing an article in the Toronto Star about Moses – hope the fame and fortune does not go to his head!!