Moses has been so much better within himself this past week. He has started playing again, wants to go for walks again and is getting cheeky again.


We have still had some ups and downs with regard to diarrhea but nothing like the see saws of last week.


When he first learnt how to walk backwards as well as forwards he spent about half an hour walking backwards and in the early hours of Wednesday morning he learnt to walk sideways so……. He walked sideways to the left, then sideways to the right and then diagonally to the left and diagonally to the right – an almost perfect half pass at a shuffle horsey ladies in fact I wondered if he had been watching the Olympic dressage events and taking note.


He also spent ages playing with my nose….. his trunk is really quite strong now and he is much more co- ordinated with the fine movements and can pick up really tiny things – think he has now decided that he is not the unlucky one with no little nose on his forehead but that I am the deformed one with a pathetic little nose as he keeps getting hold of it and pulling as hard as he can, perhaps he believes that he can stretch it into a trunk!