Moses update 27 July


As Moses is growing up he is developing a stronger and stronger character, once again very like little humans who start to dictate more and more what they do and do not like. 


He has very definite views with regard to people and who should be with him at what time.  In the mornings Matimat is the person of choice and he greets him with a very loud rumble as he comes in to work in the morning and immediately abandons me for Matimat, mid morning to mid afternoon his allegiance changes to Jim who he associates with going for walks and playing in the paddocks and in the evening I am the favorite and he will start to seek me out as soon as it gets to dusk.  Jim is the guy that he likes to play with, Matimat is his first choice to feed him and I am the one he comes to for affection and reassurance.


I have also noticed a very different greeting for different groups of people – the male “members of family” who include Matimat, Jim, Laurie, Craig and Stewart get a very loud rumble and when they respond the rumble gets louder. The female “members of the family” which include Cheryl, Louise and I get a soft rumble and even if we try to respond with a loud rumble we get a soft rumble back.  At night when he needs a bit more reassurance for example when the lights go out or if he hears a noise he grunts softly, wraps his trunk tighter around my hand and puts it into his mouth, this grunt is similar to the grunt he gives when he is feeding and during feed times he sometimes chirps as well. Just wish I had an ele language translator as I would love to know what he is saying. He does not greet people other than “his family” although he does go up to every person around him and put his trunk on them.


Moses also has very definite ideas of who is allowed in the room when it is time for bed – human and cat family only – strictly no dogs and strictly no humans who are not family and he will push them out of the room if they don’t go of their own accord.


 He also does seem to recognize human relatives of his human family, when Cheryl came home for the holidays she was immediately accepted into the family group even though she had not met him before and when Dyson (Matimats brother) came to visit him he also was immediately accepted – leads me to wonder if family members share a similar smell or something.


Moses seems to enjoy visitors as long as they are in small groups – one or two people is fine and as long as they give him his space and let him make the move to come and say hello but as with all small creatures his attention span is short and after a few minutes he moves away and needs his space again. He does not like to meet more than 2 groups of new people in a day, gets very upset if there are young children around – even if they are walking along the road 500m away and making a noise and does not like to have any visitors around after 4 in the afternoon. He is a real flirt and far prefers meeting female humans than males especially if they have long hair that he can twirl his trunk around.


He also has distinct relationships with the animal members of his family but I will keep that for next week. Our sponsors list has grown considerably this past week in the form of donations as well as people who have gone out of their way to help us in kind and it is very heart warming to keep “meeting” new special people with huge hearts.