Moses has been a very spoilt little ele this week with three of his staunchest supporters helping out yet again.

Veronica Munro continues to amaze us with her efforts at raising awareness for Moses though her friends, liking our pages and comments which has now raised our face book status as well as her very regular donations.


The meds from Marleen de Febvre have arrived and Moses has been on them since Monday evening. His tummy is a bit upset but we do expect that with him as any little change to his diet causes a tummy upset but we are sure that within the next week or so we will start to see a positive effect.


Regina Worste had her 50th birthday party and turned the entire event into a fund raiser for Moses. She had told me a few months ago that she had always joked about wanting a baby ele for her 50th birthday and Moses is the closest that, as an ambassador’s wife who travels the world, she would ever get to having a baby ele. Regina has really taken the Moses cause to heart, this is her 2nd fundraiser in addition to her paintings which she is selling and donating 50% of the proceeds to Moses, her calendars that she has made and will be selling to raise funds and her post cards which will be available soon.


Moses is the 2nd little ele to be adopted by a member of our family – my great aunt Peggy also raised a baby elephant and as a child I was always a bit in awe of her story. Her son Bruce and Grandson Neil have both painted pictures that they have donated to raise funds for Moses. I have seen a photo of Neil’s painting and I must say was sorely tempted to just keep it for me as it is truly amazing but common sense prevailed and I know I must stick to the plan to sell it as Moses does eat his way though pretty substantial amounts of cash each week. Neil and Bruce will be sending the paintings to Ed Hall in England to sell on our behalf.