This week has been all about “Moses the film star”


Nigel Goodman is a great friend of elephants and has very kindly sponsored Ben Tuttons trip to Malawi (and given him time off from his regular job to spend with Moses making this film. Have a look at his website to see what Nigel does


Ben Tutton is a wildlife film photographer from the UK ( in fact he has been nominated for a Brits award for up and coming film makers) and, together with help from Nigel Goodman he has come to Malawi to stay with us and do some filming of Moses. Ben is a great guest to have to stay and is very good at just entertaining himself especially as I go off to work in the morning and leave him to his own devices and then in the evening I come back from work, have a bath, have supper and a quick chat with Ben and am in bed with Moses just after 6 and so am a really poor hostess!!


Moses has been intrigued with the cameras and the first day every time Ben tried to film him he stopped what he was doing and came across to investigate the camera, he thinks the tripod is a great new toy! But like with all youngsters the novelty has worn off and he now pretty much ignores the camera. Ben on the other hand has become a great friend and is included in the early morning cuddles! I think Moses loves all the extra attention and he hardly acknowledges me going off to work in the morning now – just a raise of his trunk to say goodbye.


Like a lot of stars Moses does display prima donna tendencies and does not always co-operate when it comes to filming for example he normally comes running into the bathroom to supervise Catherine’s bath but ……. Since Ben has been waiting to film this Moses just wanders by – has a look round the door and then goes to investigate the tripod. He was caught red-handed raiding the pantry though, not for food yet just for new things to play with but when he decided to investigate the plug socket he was firmly removed and the door closed.


There was a bit of excitement last night when a very large Rinkaals snake decided to visit the cottage. Stuart caught the snake and he and Ben went to release it in the bush a fair way from the house as with so many animals around we really don’t need a poisoness snake. I luckily had already gone to bed with Moses and so did not need to get involved. Love mammals to bits but am a little nervous of snakes and I am pretty sure Moses would not have like to see it either!


I am now finally seeing a physical response to the meds that Marleen sent for Moses and he is putting on weight – in fact his tummy is decidedly fat – looks rather like a beer tummy! He puts on weight in a rather strange order, first on his tail and cheeks, then on his tummy and then it slowly moves up his side over the ribs – guess this is probably normal for eles but I had expected him to start with the ribs and move down.


Our little fellow is starting to communicate his needs to us more and more with his trunk for example when he is hungry he starts by lifting his head and opening his mouth but if you are not quick enough with the bottle he points to his mouth with his trunk and then lifts it up again and repeats as if to say “put food in here”. When it is bed time he wanders through to find me – sticks his trunk straight out in front of him and then brings it down – very similar to how we would beckon somebody using our arms and if I don’t get up quickly enough at night to feed him he grabs my nose with his trunk and gently pulls, if this does not get an immediate response he then wraps his trunk round my arm and physically pulls me up. His trunk is now really strong and I can no longer just remove my hand or arm from it.  He is very gentle though and if he hurts me by mistake he really does say sorry by gently blowing on the area that he hurt and touching it with the tip of his trunk – from time to time he manages to bump my face with his foot when lying down or pawing at me to get me up and he always shows remorse immediately after.