Moses is stable at the moment. He has his energy levels back and is once again a cheeky little elephant who rules the roost. He is still very thin and gets tired easily - just like any one of us that has been through a big op, but at least we are no longer needing to give him daily drips and the seesaw of improvements back to crashing seems to have slowed down. We have been able to give Moses the best possible vet care and nursing due to the generosity of our friends. An additional donation from the friends of Leon Swart came at a very opportune time as I was able to have the cash on hand to purchase drips, canulas, additional antibiotics and painkillers for Moses without trying to work out how to pay for them. We have been saving up to pay for the best wildlife vet in the region Dr Ian Parsons and some large donations from John Dixon, Ross Wilson, Angela Kilner, Tree crops Ltd has meant that we only had to fund 50% of the cost of the operation personally. Recent donations from Lydia Campbell and Illovo sugar company came at the perfect time to restock the pantry - Moses food intake has increased dramatically in the past week which is fanstastic but gave me a few worried nights as I was trying to work out how I was going to pay for the next lot of milk powder. It is just amazing that there are such wonderful people out there who come to our rescue every time we need a bit of extra help like Marleen de Fevre who contacted us with offers of advice on the very night that Moses reached his lowest ebb and for the first time we felt that perhaps he may not pull though.