Moses had his first proper elephant bath where he went into his paddling pool on his own and started splashing himself with water using his trunk. He started off slowly splashing small amounts onto his front legs and then got really excited and started swishing his trunk harder and faster through the water creating a really big splash and then went onto slapping the water with his trunk so I think we have finally got him over his fear of water but it will probably take a bit more time before he ventures into water any deeper than a few inches.

He is now really starting to try and copy me when I use my arm and hand as if it was a trunk – he watches carefully and then starts to copy whatever I am doing. His attention span is very short though and so we have to keep finding new things for him to do. Matimat is determined to turn him into a star football player and spends time with him and a ball every afternoon – so far he will push the ball with his trunk a few times ( and has popped a few by pulling the towards him, holding them in place with his trunk and then standing on them but we have got a tougher ball now that seems to be able to withstand his attempts.

It is getting really cold at night and in the early mornings now and Moses has a blanket on until mid morning when it warms up and three blankets on at night – he has “awake time” from about midnight until 3am which means that if he is awake so am I as if I try to carry on sleeping near him he starts off by rubbing his trunk on my face and pulling my nose and ears then progresses to pulling my hair and finally standing on my head then once he has got me well and truly awake and moving about he goes off to find his ball, basket or any of his other toys and plays happily near by – I am watching a lot of late night TV so if any of you have young babies and feel as if you are the only one awake I assure you that so are Moses and I. When he finally does decide that it is a good idea to go to sleep again he really does lie right on top of me but by that time I am really appreciative of my “live hot water bottle”. I am getting used to the disturbed sleep ( probably helped by the fact that Moses and I go to bed at 6 in the evening so that I do get about 7 hours of sleep allowing for the 15 mins it takes to feed him every 2 hours). He has a real knack of creeping into your heart and somehow getting everything to go his way without you really realizing it.