We have been very lucky to live in a very generous community and on behalf of Moses I would like to thank the following people for their very generous donations

Corporate Sponsors

Gaea Pharmaceuticals http://www.gaeapharma.com/

Triangle Tea life   http://triangletealife.com/

Dis-Chem has sponsered 3 months of Glucose. This dontation was made possible due to Barbi Vandewalle contacting Penny Stein of the Dis-Chem foundation, to ask her for help on our behalf.

File:Barr Pharmaceuticals Logo.png have agreed to match the donation from Dis-chem foundation with a further 3 months worth of glucose

KHUMAR LORGAT AND ASSOCIATES have agreed to audit our accounts pro -bono

have donated Mk 250,000 towards the cost of feeding Moses

Alonda Van Toor from Ortica has donated 2 huge boxes of probiotics for Moses

Silver Sponsors


(These people have continued to support on a regular basis or a large once off donation)


Leon and Wendy Swart

Glen and Col Anderson

Heather Wozniak

Ross Wilson

Glendon Anderson

Mike and Les Bond

John Mullen

Rob and Angela Kilner

John Dixon

Rhoda McEnery

Nev and Sandy Young

Catherine Wood

Andrew Preston

Lydia Campbell

Veronica Munro

Ioana Balut

Laurie Webb

Ed Hall

Billy Doherty

Edith Mackenzie

Nancy Oliver

Nigel Goodman

Ben Tutton

Dan Guerra

Follow Rabbit 

Mark Winter

Ashit Oukabay

Anja Wanker

Kim Laker

Valerie Grant

Jo Winston

Carol Chargualaf

Julie Derrington

Wendy King

Sasha Haldane

Robin Powell

Lana Merkel



 (These amazing people have organised fundraising events or have fundraised in other ways for us)

Cheryl Perepeczko

David Kelly – See blog

Jann Kingsley

Karen and Ewan McGowan – See the blog

Mbala pony club – Fundraising event

Stewart Rens

John Dixon

Rainer Kranz

Regina Woeste - see blog

Arend from African Conservation Foundation -  see link

Kate McGowan, Craig Christie and Lina - see blog

Leon Swart 60th - see blog

Hester Berg - Appoyer 50th - see blog

Peter and Lydia from SPOTS - see link

Kellow Park Stables - see blog 

Personal Sponsors


Andreas Thorson 

Ash & Serg Pinto

Brett Mcenery

Cheryl Perepeczko

Grant White

H. Jargensen

Karen Bowler

Michael Schull

Michelle Carter

Nick Sansom & Mandy Kelsall

Pierre Dormal

Sabine Gabe

Simon Rose

Sue Alves

Tony Bustin

Vera Fanner

Anne and Lindsay Fitzmauritz

Marleen De Febvre

La Nell Haydon

Allie Douglas

Angelica Garcia Gauldron

Anja Wanka

Anna Lanzi

Denise Forbes

Denise Smith

Donna Schain

Doroto Bartosik

Dwede Tarpeh

Edith Mackenzie

Elin Landenburger

Elise Ney

Ellen Osmanski

Emily Merritt

Erika Peterson

Facebook Ireland

Fiona Sullivan

Graeme Hare

Haley Strickel

Hanna Siomianyj

Hedy Whitebook

Hema Kulasuriya

Hester Lucia Whylidal

Howling Earth

Jacqueline Just

Jade Huynh

Jai Paik

Jan Corrigan

Janet Bettison

Jeff Giordano

Jennifer Benton

Emily Merritt

Jo Winston

Christine Evans

Jennifer Armour

Paul Gong

Ryan Satyre

Ron Peterson

Valerie Inforzato

WESM Blantyre

Chris Dohse

Simon and Shanie Cousins

Colin Archibald

Ari Goldkind

Barbara Mirza

Bobby Schochet

Brooke Crum

Jennifer Stussy

Jennifer Waters

Jerry Hobbs

Jessica Sprehn

Jessie Gemmer

Jodie Macphee

John Heaney

Jonathon Fraser

Jonnie Santos

Joshua Bernstein

Judith Marin

Julia Allen

Julie Derrington

Kenneth Bennett

Kenneth Conrad

Kerrie Lowitt

Kimberly Reynolds

Lana Merkel

Laura Black

Laura Frye

Laura Hull

Lee Rawles

Leigh Coote

Lisa Pompelli

Lisa Silcott

Lori Anderson

Lucia Villasenor

Duncan Salisbury

Gerean Pflug

Rachael Steger

John Manning

Martha Danon

Lenore Wedgwood

Kathleen Pereira

Anita Jordan

Zoe & Michael Kayes


Marlon Lewinsky

Sasha Haldane

Cadja Wouters

Carol Chargualaf

Carol Millett

Maria Vaisz

Marcia Mount

Margaret Crowley

Maria Ludkin

Maria Marion

Marissa Bill

Mark Parta

Marlon Lewinsky

Melanie Hankinson

Melisa Goldstein

Melissa Goudappel

Michael McElroy

Michelle Joudrey

Michiel Rodrigues Pereira

Mike Deshaies

Mike Laugharne

Nancy Bernhard

Nancy Cooney

Nancy Edwards

Nancy Oliver

Natalie Hakim

Nicole Yetman

Nina Chang

Nutan Malhotra

Pamela Winter

Paul Hayden

Paul Hillers

Jason and Cindy Walker

Donna Angelo

Tiffany  and Eva Claire White

Laura Divenere

Ng Yong Kad

Lynette Scott

Jason and Cindy Walker



 Rolland Ellis

R. Anderson


Simon Allen

Alisa Male

Carolyn Oriley

Chaim Spear

Cheryl Vratny

David Gatrell

Philip Moffat

Priscilla Wright

Quincy Nelson

Rachael Logue

Ramesh Gangisetty

Rebekah Gunderson

Rhoda McMullin

Ricardo Guerra

Roman Lubynsky

Ron Guillen

Roopesh Kumar

Roseann Haris

Ruxundra Pond

Sabine Jozsa

Selinda Hall

Shannon Bergeron

Sharona Hutton

Shawn Diederich

Sheila Fitzpatrik

Shrankhla Upadhyay

Sian Stephens

Silvianne Esqueda

Simon Hague

Stephanie Kaufman

Elizabeth Frohlking

Kimm Laker

Clara Calvo Alamo

Natalie Pelc

Sandra Edwins

Meo-Grpser Olivia

 Claire Pitman

 Sylvia Davidson   

Silke Eker- Lodes

One more generation

 Tina Sutton

Danielle Cochrane

Danielle Dupre

Daphna Peled

Debra Breslin

Steven Norwood

Stu Cirulnick

Susan Clement

Susan Fry

Thomas Pajak

Valeria Grishko

Valerie Grant

Vicki Cicero

Victoria Gillen

Vincent Quattrocchi

Vinod Krishnan

Wendy King

William Clark

Willian McNiar

Nancy Edwards

Allison Lucy

Cindy Biederman

Kris Smith

Zoe Lawrence

Shelly Knox

Marjan Doosje

Emma Papworth

Carol Anne mcDonald

Melanie Hankinson

Pauline Jones

Frances Barr

Jackie Riley-kydd

Daniel Friedman

Tony Rebelo

Sharon Laker

Sybille Castro

Luca Seino


Other support

Rachael from the elephant orphanage in Zambia is an absolute saint who has been a mine of information and never complains about regular phone calls for advice.


Ian Parsons, a wildlife vet in Zambia with many years of elephant experience, has given a lot of advice and again never complains about regular calls.


Mark Rowe – Roberts who drove to Mzuzu and back with Jenny to collect Moses  


Luca and Celcia who transported Moses from Vwaza to Mzuzu (and then on the back of our truck in the middle of the night to Lilongwe) and started the ball rolling to try and find him a permant home.


Summer Parsons and Lieza Du preez who looked after Moses in Mzuzu (in Summers garage) and did all the liaising with Parks and Wildlife to get the necessary permissions to move Moses to Lilongwe.

The rangers in Vwaza who noticed Moses plight, rescued him from t the river and organized a lift for him to Mzuzu.

Leonard Sefu, the director of Parks and wildlife, who as usual, put the welfare of the animal first and foremost and has given us all the official support that we require.

Tony Nevin from Zoo ost who is giving me orthapedic advice

Marleen De Febvre who is giving me advice particularly on nutrition