Bottle feeding of a specialized milk formula every two hours throughout both the night and day until 4 years old, is required. The formula changes as the elephant grows and quantity goes from 6 litres at birth to 24 litres in a day by the time it is 9 months old. The milk has many different components in it as it has to have the same formulation as elephant milk. Cow’s milk does not works so many other ingredients have to be added to make it as similar to elephant milk as possible. (Picture on the left is what goes into his milk : Picture on right  is him being fed)

A herd

A baby elephant can never be alone, this means someone is with him 24 hours a day, to provide companionship and mental stimulation, the elephant forms close emotional bonds with these carers so there needs to be consistency, however as an elephant can pine to the extent that it dies, they need to be sufficient in number to cater for illness, time off etc – ideal number is 5.

Also in absence of other elephants, then other animals are a good substitute for family. Our elephant has not only human friends but cats, dogs and a donkey to keep him company and to play with. (Picture on the left - with his cat buddy)

          Monitoring of Temperature

A baby would get body warmth from its mother so needs blankets if it gets cold and water splashed over it if it gets too hot.

(Picture on the left cooling down : Picture on right keeping warm)

Housing facilities

Without the mother to shelter it from wind and rain the elephant needs to be in a warm, dry environment at night. He would live under his mother belly and she is a huge umbrella.

(Picture on the left him going to bed, he has to have someone sleep with him : Picture on right wondering around the house)

Vet Care

Baby elephants are extremely vulnerable without the immunity provided by the mother’s milk. As well as vet care for when he is sick, its so important not to let him get sick but keeping everything so clean. (Picture on the left - some of the cleaning products)

Skin Care

Without the mother to provide shelter with her body the baby is vulnerable to sunburn and drying out of the skin so sunblock and aqueous cream needs to be applied daily (Picture on the right - some of the skin care products, he uses a tub a day of aqueous, 1/2 a tube of sunscreen, and then some other creams)

Mental Stimulation

Being highly intelligent and emotional animals they need to be challenged and kept occupied to prevent boredom – mudbaths, water play, ball play etc

Daily monitoring

A close eye has to be kept on his weight gain/loss, food intakes, bowel and bladder movements as well as his mental and physical state.